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With over 100 inspirational brands, Homecolours.com is perfectly placed to help you create your dream home. Launched in 2012, we search out and collaborate with fun and luxurious brands which are the best at what they do, talented artisans of both established and emerging brands with transformative collections for the home. Whether you are seeking ideas for everyday contemporary homewares, exquisite gifts or a timeless piece for your home we have the answer.
Our homes constantly evolve, influenced by those things around us which we love.  Central to our personal style is colour, whether you love delicious bright and bold tones, muted pastel shades or calming neutrals we have collated an extensive homewares collection for you to browse at your leisure.
We love what we sell, we listen and are proud to deliver inspirational, luxury brands to your home including brands such as Ferm LivingZone DenmarkFatboyTalaMepalUmbraBlomusLaguioleElizabeth Scarlett and much more.  We also incorporate an extensive luxury collection of homewares including bedding, furniture, lighting, cushions, mugs, bathroom essentials and much more
Here at Homecolours we are a family business at heart and we always do our best to give outstanding customer service. Whatever your requirement feel free to contact us and we will try to assist. We care about our environment, and we are working hard to ensure that in our operations we act in a responsible and sustainable way. 

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