• How to Use Green Shades of Colour in the Home

    Bringing forth lively and rejuvenating tones of green across the home is a great way to change the feel and whole scope of a home.  Flashes of emerald, hints of jade and projections of vivid organic green can offer a stimulating look to the home throughout the year. Here at... Read more
  • Colourful and Fun Designs for Busy Lives

    Here at Homecolours we're firm believers in the importance of lively and energetic designs to motivate and inspire. When these designs are featured on practical items for portable planning and mobile refreshment their even more valuable. Trust Kate Spade New York to come up with the goods when it comes to... Read more
  • House Your Home Plants Beautifully Throughout the Year

    A collection of delightful house plants is a great way to show off a home's relaxed style. Indoor plant life offers all sorts of rewards for the keen interior gardener, and everyone can benefit. Being able to turn to fantastic designer pots and planters is a great way to enhance... Read more
  • Keeping on Time in Elegance and Style

    Positioning beautifully designed clocks around the home is a lovely way of incorporating precise style alongside hardworking punctuality. Clocks incorporating the latest technology and features with an attractive and alluring aesthetic are sure to provide a highlight however they are used. The latest products from Newgate Clocks certainly do exactly... Read more
  • Introducing the Stunning Designs of Wouf

    If you're looking for eye-catching designs and prints captured across a variety of personal items, the Spanish company Wouf is certainly worthy of attention. The Barcelona based studio brings colourful patterns and striking designs inspired by the natural world and tropical adventures. All of the Wouf products are made in... Read more
  • Enjoy Tea with the Chelsea Collection by Sara Miller

    The idea of tea is a concept that takes many different forms to many different people. Not only meaning the reviving hot drink made with tea leaves - or more commonly with tea bags - the name also lends itself to various meals. Tea breaks in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon... Read more
  • Serving in Style - Ideal Glassware From LSA International

    Making a fine impression on fellow guests and diners is always on the cards when making use of the latest glassware designs from LSA International. The iconic pieces from the world famous design brand are ideal for bringing elegance and premium class to any occasion. Perfect for after dinner drinks... Read more
  • Transform the Bedroom with Stylish Bedding

    As the seasons change, so do the requirements of the home. This is never more the case that in the bedroom, which ideally needs to have the correct weight of bedding depending on what time of year it is. Happily, this necessary change prompted by the alterations of the weather... Read more
  • Autumnal Colour Design for a Seasonal Change

    Adding a distinctive collection of warm autumnal coulours of greens, oranges and brown will bring a beautiful dash of seasonal style to the home. The months of September and October are often known for these shades of colour in the natural world. Deploying them within the contect of home styling... Read more
  • Picture Perfect - Designer Photo Frames

    Designer picture frames are capable of adding a superlative touch of style and order to rooms and hallways all over the home. Bringing in a sense of flair and attractiveness to the interior, the use of the best in modern framing techniques will help to escalate any image's place wherever... Read more

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