Make a Statement with the Design Letters Favourite Vases

Design Letters have been bringing striking graphical approaches to a range of homeware products since 2009. The Dutch company is adept at showcasing strong lettering and typeset styles across stationery, candles and message boards. Whether at home or in the office, Design Letters have plenty of ways to stay organised and focused.

The latest collection from Design Letters provides their impactful desings on beautifully created vases. Perfect for every room in the home, the strongly made vases feature laser engraved letters making various statements.

The high-quality vases are made from fine bone china and are sure to become as much of a favourite as their name suggests. Great for any room in the home, the vases provide plenty of opportunity to make a statement at all sorts of occasions.  Choose from lines such as 'LOVE' , 'YOU ROCK', 'SMILE' and 'HELLO' to create a lively impression, either individually or in combination.

The various vases stand at 11 x 5.5cm, and look great when grouped together, and with other Design Letters products. Great for holding candles to light a friendly glow at the dining table, or to provide a home to slender flowering plants, the vases are elegantly versatile in their scope.

The above is a lovely example of how well the vases could be positioned in a kitchen shelving unit. The cheering and optimistic lettering act as a happy motivational force in the busy room, and could reliably said to bring about a positive power in the kitchen.

The above Favourite Vase will always be a popular one. Also detailed with the Design Letters precise type of white letters proclaiming 'Happy Birthday' over a pale rose pink background, the vase is just the thing to offer as a present to a friend or relative at their special day of the year.

With a huge variety of products for every occasion, Design Letters are great to turn to when looking for modern homeware with a clearly defined image. Check out the full range for more ideas for everything from stationery and desk planners, to water bottles and scented candles.

Here at Homecolours we have a wide range of vases - (above Lyngby Vase, Burgundy, Mouth Blown Glass) to consider taking in a whole variety of different styles and approaches to the business of displaying flowers, plantlife and candles. It's more than possible to make a selection in all sorts of different colours and styles, produced in glass, stoneware or pottery materials. A lovely way to enhance an overall look in a room.