Kick Off the New Year on Time

It's nearly time to watch the clocks! The distinctive count-down for the turn of the year and the celebrations that that involved will be heard all over the world soon.

And with New Year celebrations scheduled soon everywhere, we thought it'd be an appropriate time here at Homecolours to take a look at the various ways to furnish a home with the best styles of clocks.


Offering a distinctive and modernist graphical approach to the clock face, the Hollywood Hills, Light Oak Mantel Clock by Newgate Clocks conjures up dreams of sophistication and culture. Featuring an artistically designed colourful graphical clock face contained behind a strong glass lens, the clock produces an unmissable presentation of the time. The metal hands are connected to a silent-sweep method that is guaranteed to make no ticking noise. Ideal for all sort of areas in the home, including bedside table, mantelpiece or coffee table. A durable and solid light oak wooden case finishes off the neat and authoritative look in style.


Newgate can also provide the perfect call to attention with the M Mantel Echo Clock. This brilliantly minimal style shows off the digits of the time in perfectly clear and concise way. Available in red or black, the acrylic case holds the precise workings of the clock safely and securely. With the silent sweep movement mechanism nullifying any unwanted ticking, the clock is perfect for desk and study tables. Also ideal for bedside tables, the clock provides an ideal way to stay perfectly on time.


When all eyes are on the clocks, it's reassuring when the hands and the numbers are as clear as possible. That's certainly the case with the Number Three Echo Wall Clock, Black. Beautifully configured with striking black numerals detailed on a white background, the clock is encased in matt black case of strong acrylic with silicone finish. Easy to position anywhere in the home, the clock is powered by a single AA battery.

Newgate Clocks also produce fantastic alarm clocks, which might well come in handy the next day or two after celebrations!

The Brick Lane Alarm Clock, Matt Priceless Green is a charming looking timepiece to place on bedside table. Ideal for keeping excellent time for a morning wake-up call, the clock features a system that allows virtually no ticking so you can get a little extra shut-eye with no distractions until strictly necessary. Arriving in a modern look, the metal twin-bell of this cool looking clock offers an unmissable alarm when the time is right.