Fantastic Wall Art and Photo Boards to Bring a New Look to Interiors

The turn of a new year is a great time to think about a new look. In any interior, this can be achieved easily and satisfyingly with the installation of a striking design on the wall. Paintings and artistic objects and sculptures is one way to go with these plans. Another route to creating interesting and creatively adventurous interiors is with photo boards.

Certainly a room with the above Mappit Photo Board, Titanium in it offers a wonderful opportunity to explore and discover. The distinctive board from Umbra provides a strong method of making a statement. Produced in grey  stamped titanium metal, the photo board displays a world map. By using the twelve included nickel-plated magnets you can affix photos, notes and reminders of holiday travel to the magnetic surface. The board is so attractively made it also works as a piece on its own without anything attached. Great for bedrooms, studies, living rooms or hallways, the board is sure to make a big impression.

Also from the creative minds at Umbra comes the Hangit Photo Display. Bringing a fun way to display mementos, photos and curios in attractive and striking style, the display is easy to set up and install in any interior. Containing a wooden frame, supplies of twine cord and mini wooden clothes pegs, there is a spacious template to create any kind of display. Brilliant for bringing the look and flair of an art-studio into the home.

Another route to a dramatic artistic look in a room can be applied using wall paper and wall stickers.

The Umbra Mariposa Wall Decor is a collection of bright and colourful butterflies. These finely made figures are applied to the wall via peel and stick decorations. Available in an assortment of colours and pale white, the butterflies are great for bringing some elegant magic anywhere.


Another lovely option for making a striking change in rooms is provided by the Mini Dots Wallsticker, Copper. Beautiful displays of dots can be made with these Ferm Living designed stickers. The A4 sheet of 49 copper coloured vinyl dots will being an abstract energy however and wherever you choose to show them. Easy to apply and arrange, the dots will stick on any flat surface easily.


The tried and tested solution of wallpaper for bringing new life to a room could be something else to try. The striking design of the Lines Wallpaper, Cashmere by Ferm Living offers pure creative elegance. Easy to affix to the wall with a time saving consistency and production. The wall paper is also easy to clean and look after once applied.

All of these products are a sure-fire way to making a new look for any room in the home; Happy New Year!