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  • Tips for Going Back to School in Style

    It's September, and for many households that means some residents will be going back to school. Whether you fall into this category or not, there are always some lovely home styles for completing homework and study. Along with this there are plenty of helpful portable food and drink items to... Read more
  • Colourful and Cool Storage in the Home

    Any home residents will be only too aware of the fact that there's always the chance that miscellaneous items will be left lying around the home in need of a place. Having the opportunity therefore to store things away comfortably and attractively is a positive step towards great home organisation... Read more
  • Style and Functionality with RIG-TIG

    New to Homecolours is a collection of fantastic products from the award-winning Danish brand RIG-TIG. Concentrating on bringing an ideal level of balance between production and function, the company is focused on providing valuable items for helping with food preparation and baking. The brand focuses on design, function and environmental... Read more
  • Artistic Design With a Capital'A' - Zone Denmark's New Homeware Range

    Here at Homecolours we'e big fans of Zone Denmark. The brand consistently provides beautifully produced homeware products all designed in fine style. The latest range from the Scandinavian style experts uses the shape of a capital 'A' to create a brilliantly focused collection of items for around the home. Here... Read more
  • 5 Ways to Restyle the Bathroom with Accessories

    Every part of the home is due a spring clean at some stage, so this time round why not make it the bathroom? By simply adding a few stylish designer accessories, you can bring a whole new positive feeling into the room. Some of the world's top labels put a... Read more
  • How to Keep All Your Accessories to Hand in Perfect Style

    We all know what it's like. You wake up for a busy day and after getting ready, you're just about to leave when you realise you can't find a favourite ring or piece of jewellery. Where did you leave it? Who knows, but with the beautiful collection of lifestyle accessories... Read more
  • Explore the Latest Ways to Create a Stylish Bathroom

    To be able to fully relax in the bathroom, it's vital that all the correct features are all in place. Stylish designer accompaniments to the room can embellish and beautify the space even further and bring convenience and security to the fore. The designer brand Blomus is an expert force... Read more
  • The Essentials of a Home Office

    Working from home takes plenty of dedication. Rather than necessarily being an easy option, it often brings with it new challenges and new things to take care of. Central among these unique working arrangements is the capacity for staying organised and motivated. Here at Homecolours we feel that as today's... Read more
  • Top Accessories for Healthy Living

    Many of us start the new year with the best of intentions. Staying healthy and active with the optimal diet and a sensible regime of exercise is often top of the list of resolutions. But - and there's often a but - it's not always easy to keep such laudable... Read more
  • Enjoy a New Approach to Home Organisation

    It is officially a New Year, and at times like these, it's a perfect opportunity to aim for a new level of organisation in the home. Fixing on a smart approach to storage is a great way to get the year off to the best start. By using practical items... Read more

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