• Setting the Christmas Scene with Silver

    Silver can be thought of in colour and consistency terms, with the property being both a metallic and also a shade and tone. Here at Homecolours we love to see how various metallics and metal colours can be brought into the home. During the Christmas period, the magical appearance of... Read more
  • The Style of Artful Christmas Decorations

    Even if you're a little behind on preparing for the Xmas holidays (we know, there's so much to do!), there's still time to have a look at what's available here at Homecolours. Making the most of colour and transfixing style is certainly on offer from some of the world's leading... Read more
  • Baking up a Treat this Christmas

    Christmas-time is a great time to get busy in the kitchen. As well as preparing for the Xmas dinner itself, the Xmas period lends the opportunity of trying out different things to create. Baking adventures offer up the chance to make delectable goodies to take round to parties and friends's... Read more
  • The Perfect Gifts for the Cycling Enthusiast

    Cycling enthusiasts are sure to delight in the latest selection of products available from top design houses. The following products could be a sure-fire hit for presents at Christmas-time, and could certainly help out cyclists in the practical enjoyment of their two wheels. Take a look at the following bike... Read more
  • Serving Up Drinks in Perfect Style

    Key to any kind of dinner party hosting is having the capacity to serve drinks elegantly and stylishly. Beautiful containers, glasses, trays and accompaniments are integral to setting the scene for celebration. Keeping things artfully produced and well deployed around the dinner table and party space adds a further element... Read more
  • Make a Christmas to Remember with Georg Jensen

    The shine and the sparkle of Xmas is something many of us will remember as kids celebrating around Yuletide. The lights around the home, and the decorations on the tree are priceless articles of instilling the whole feeling of the season. Here at Homecolours we love to discover new ways... Read more
  • Five Ways to Make Life Easier with Pretty Useful Tools

    Here at Homecolours we love discovering new ways to make life easier. The always ground-breaking design house Pretty Useful Tools consistently does this in style. The company creates fantastically pragmatic items that are versatile, multi-functional and hold an overall stylistic sense. Great to offer loved ones as gifts as well... Read more
  • Christmas Gift Ideas for All

    Christmas means lots of different things to everyone. From getting together with family and friends, to enjoying the best of home comforts and spending some time away from work, the holiday period promises fun and relaxation. While it's not all about grand displays of generosity,  gift-giving is certainly part of... Read more
  • Stylish Last Minute Gifts for the Professional

    Even though we're nearly at the heart of the Christmas season with less than 2 weeks to go, there's still just enough time to buy some last minute gifts. And right now, we thought it's be a great idea to consider gift options for busy professional who may be a... Read more
  • Last Chance To Decorate Your Tree

        It's always best to decorate late rather than not at all, as they say, "it's better late than never" so why not take a look at our beautiful Christmas tree decorations and make your tree shine. This Year it's your Choice whether you go Classy or Flashy Sirius gives a... Read more

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