Candles to Inspire! Beautiful Ideas by Paddywax

There's something about candles during wintertime that is deeply romantic and attractive. When used all around the home, candlelight offers a relaxed and tranquil mood for soft illumination. The designs of the candles themselves are ideal as ornamental objects. Another sense is added to the equation when you take in the possibility of scented candles. Natural and perfumed aromas brought about by wonderfully created candles are ideal for bringing an alluring atmosphere to interiors.

Paddywax is a label well versed in such matters. The expert candlemakers have a range of glass and ceramic candle bases that we here at Homecolours just love. Offering wonderful creative shape, labeling and patterns on the faces of the candleholders, the wicks themselves produce a variety of scents and smells. With the two distinct styles of the Apothecary series and the Wabi Sabi, Paddywax candles provide exceptionally crafted candles for any room in the home.

Take the above Apothecary 8oz Glass Candle, Chamomile and Fig. This delightful soy wax candle is encased inside an old-fashioned looking glass jar. Offering a wonderful fragrance of chamomile and fig when lit, the candle brings a warm and welcoming feel throughout the home. The candle works beautifully in any room, and is sure to become a favourite with residents and guests.

Another fragrant option from the Apothecary series is the Apothecary 8ox Glass Candle, Orange Zest and Bergamot. Perfect for a zesty citrus way to keep the home smelling delightfully fragrant, the hand poured candle is perfectly safe and easy to use wherever you choose to position it.

The Wabi Sabi series of candles takes a modern contemporary look as the basis of its design. The Wabi Sabi 12oz Ceramic Candle, Evergreen Embers provides a fantastic aroma of forest fragrances with the smoky tree smell a comforting and relaxing addition to the home. Present in a the artfully designed ceramic bowl, the candle creates a striking look and compelling scent.

Another beautiful offering from the Paddywax Wabi Sabi series of candles is the 12oz Ceramic Candle, Sparkling Bergamot candle. A lively and expressive scented candle, this offering is sure to become a firm favourite. Providing a wonderfully textured aroma, the fragrance brings a soulful tranquility to any room it's used in. Contained withing a elegant looking ceramic bowl conjuring up a graphical pattern inspired by Japanese philosophy, the candle is another excellent item from Paddywax's extensive range of curated candles.