Beauty and Style – The World of Marimekko

Here at Homecolours we love how home furnishing designs can offer a view of somewhere different to where we happen to be. This transportative power could be artistic features in the design of homeware, and could be anything from illustration and print design, to the particular choice of colours on a product.

The Finnish company Marimekko has been making gorgeous and distinctive homeware since the 1950s. Often offering striking interpretations of the experience of life in and around Finland, the styles and patterns on show are a dreamy view of the far north of Europe.

Detailing the delightful view of the Finnish sky line over the sea island, the Oiva Sääpäiväkirja Platter is a beautifully created artistic piece from Marimekko. Ideal for serving up treats at dinners and gatherings, the white stoneware of the plate is illustrated with a striking detailing of the misty ocean-side weather of the north. Bringing in an amazing palette of white, ocean blue and sun filtered yellow, the resilient plate is durable enough to be used in oven, microwave and freezer. It is also easy to clean and look after, and is suitable for dishwashers.

The fantastic design from artist Aino-Maija Metsolais, is also featured on the Oiva Sääpäiväkirja Bowl. Ideal for desserts, the stoneware bowl is also great for small snack such as nuts and small pieces of fruit. Spectacular colours of sun drenched orange and pink chart the sun's movement over the Finnish skyline, bringing a lovely recalling of the sky over the water and the mountains.


Also from Marimekko are the Unikko Red/Pink Towels. Including Hand Towels and Bath Towels, the incredible floral pattern stands out in pure vibrancy. Produced in 100% cotton, the towels are luxuriously soft. The energy and strong colour is a another side of the Marimekko style, and one that is sure to impress all guest and residents.

Another strong colletion from Marimekko is the Varvunraita collection. Excellently displayed on the above Varvunraita Cushion Cover, the presentation of an understated and graphically pleasing stripe pattern creates a harmonious look wherever and however used. Perfect for relaxing with on a sofa or easy chair, the soft and durable cotton provides a comfortable way to chill out. Available in black and white, and green and black.

Marimekko also include the striped Varvunraita style on Hand Towels, and a padded Oven Glove. Ideal for experiencing a high level of creativity and design style, Marrimekko offer a passport to the world that they know best.