• Enjoying a Healthy Winter Meal

    During the winter months a warming healthy meal is as important as ever. Putting in the work in the kitchen to make a delightful hot meal is well worth the time and effort, but when the cold nights start to draw in, it's even more valuable. Here at Homecolours we... Read more
  • Tips for Keeping the Home Warm in Style

    During the colder months of the year, keeping the home warm is a top priority. But it's not always easy to do this while also maintaining your own personal home decor and individual style. Thankfully keeping the home warm and comfortable doesn't have to mean racking up the fuel bill... Read more
  • The Influence of Cinema on the Home

      The art of cinema often lends a huge influence on home design and furnishings. Whether it's classic scenes from the golden age of cinema recalling the best ways to design and lay out an interior, or the popular imagery of movie stars themselves, the relationship between cinema and home-styling... Read more
  • Candles to Inspire! Beautiful Ideas by Paddywax

    There's something about candles during wintertime that is deeply romantic and attractive. When used all around the home, candlelight offers a relaxed and tranquil mood for soft illumination. The designs of the candles themselves are ideal as ornamental objects. Another sense is added to the equation when you take in... Read more
  • Celebrate the Colour of the Year 2020 with Pantone

    Every year the American colour company Pantone selects a colour tone as its annual colour. This year the choice is Classic Blue. Described by the colour institute as timeless and elegant, the shade of blue has been decided upon via various influences including all areas of design, entertainment media and... Read more
  • Explore the Surreal World of Lauren Dickinson Clarke

    Take a crash course in artistic movements of the 20th Century and update your fine china with the weird and wonderful stylings from Lauren Dickinson Clarke. The London based designer creates wonderfully illustrated tableware, scented candles and home accessories. Brilliant for showcasing a love of new design and artfully made... Read more
  • Fantastic Wall Art and Photo Boards to Bring a New Look to Interiors

    The turn of a new year is a great time to think about a new look. In any interior, this can be achieved easily and satisfyingly with the installation of a striking design on the wall. Paintings and artistic objects and sculptures is one way to go with these plans... Read more
  • Kick Off the New Year on Time

    It's nearly time to watch the clocks! The distinctive count-down for the turn of the year and the celebrations that that involved will be heard all over the world soon. And with New Year celebrations scheduled soon everywhere, we thought it'd be an appropriate time here at Homecolours to take... Read more
  • Fun Factory and Waechtersbach– Daily Essentials in Beautiful Ceramic

    The sight of bright colours and striking design-work in daily essentials in the home is a great way to begin the day. Having the capacity to enjoy meals, snacks and tea breaks with prettily conceived crockery and tableware can help set the scene for a relaxed experience.  When fun and... Read more
  • Make a Statement with the Design Letters Favourite Vases

    Design Letters have been bringing striking graphical approaches to a range of homeware products since 2009. The Dutch company is adept at showcasing strong lettering and typeset styles across stationery, candles and message boards. Whether at home or in the office, Design Letters have plenty of ways to stay organised... Read more

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