• Indulge in Hot Drink Perfection with Stylish Cups and Mugs

    Making a tea or a coffee is an integral part of home comfort. Whichever way you look at it, a break for a hot drink is an essential portion of most people's day. Here at Homecolours we love products that can brighten up everyday activities. As making a cup of... Read more
  • Prepare for the Beach in Style

    When the sun comes out it's only natural to start thinking about beach life. If you get the opportunity to head to the coast, it's always a good idea to make sure you're properly prepared. That can mean taking a look at the latest ideas and styles in beach towels... Read more
  • Style and Functionality with RIG-TIG

    New to Homecolours is a collection of fantastic products from the award-winning Danish brand RIG-TIG. Concentrating on bringing an ideal level of balance between production and function, the company is focused on providing valuable items for helping with food preparation and baking. The brand focuses on design, function and environmental... Read more
  • Get Set for Outdoor Dining With Smart Designs

    With the the summer sun fast approaching, it's natural to wonder how you can best use any garden or outdoor space. Dining in the garden, back yard or patio, is certainly top of the list for most of us, but what are tip are there to create a successful meal... Read more
  • How to Enjoy Delightful Fragrances in the Home

    It's always nice to come home. You might just be coming in from work, or arriving back after a long trip away; in any case, it's a good feeling to find a relaxing welcome. Having a think about the kinds of things that really make a home a home is... Read more
  • How to Create an Organised Home Office

    Having a suitably equipped office space in the home is an essential for anyone wanting to catch up on some extra study or home working time. With more and more people working from home during the week on occasion, it makes sense as much as possible to have an interior... Read more
  • Tips on How to Update a Kitchen in Style

    The kitchen is, by its very nature, the true hub of the home. It is the place where residents go to make meals everyday, perhaps to carry out other household tasks, and also to take stock of the day's duties. This is the case for all kinds of households, so... Read more
  • 5 Ways to use Blue Colours Around the Home

    Adding a touch of blue to a room in the home can bring a clear and rich distinction to an interior. Acting as a complement to the blue skies we hope to see outside during the spring and early summer, using blue is capable of a transformative and complementary effect... Read more
  • The Exciting Style and Elegance of FatFace

    FatFace is a well known brand in homeware and fashion, but where did it get that instantly distinctive name? The answer takes us back to the late 1980s, when the two founders were exploring the French Alps looking for business ideas while enjoying the ski slopes. You see, the 'fat... Read more
  • Colourful and Creative Kid's Bedroom Wall Ideas

    When it comes to designing bedrooms for children, there's a lot of detail to be taken care of. How comfortable is it, in one question to think about it. Even more important, perhaps, is how easy is it to clean and move things around? But aside from these kinds of... Read more

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