• Enjoy Gardening Accessories to Help Define an Outdoor Space

    When it comes to enjoying a garden or a balcony, a lot depends on the presentation of organic flowers and vegetables. As well as organising and growing the plants just right, it's also a lovely idea to create a welcoming space for local bird life.  Here are some great products available... Read more
  • How to Serve Breakfast in Designer Style

    Breakfast means the first meal of the day, and for most of us, offers the chance to gather our thoughts together and prepare for the day to come. Sometimes it might just be a bowl of muesli and a quick coffee, but one thing is for certain, when the meal... Read more
  • Celebrate the Metal Effect - the Best in Metallics in the Home

    Using homeware items with a metallic sheen to them will offer a striking look to any interior. When positioned creatively around the home, gold, copper and brass accented products bring out the depth of a room like nothing else. Here are a few items available at Homecolours that we feel... Read more
  • Bring in the Colour with Floral Home Desgins

    As the season of spring gets fully underway, there is new growth and colour everywhere. Why not cultivate a few changes indoors to celebrate the fact? By enjoying a complimentary scheme of floral patterns and vivid colour collections, a home can take on a fresh new appearance. Here are some... Read more
  • Celebrate the Spring with Designer Planters and Pots

    With the arrival of spring and warmer weather there is a great opportunity to start thinking about gardening. This could mean doing some extra work in the garden in preparation for the warmer months. Alternatively, it could be a good time to bring some plant and floral life inside, by... Read more
  • Add Distinctive Illumination to the Home with Umage

    Umage is a design label brilliantly adept at coming up with inspiring new ways to illuminate the home. The Danish company has a long history of providing creative methods of bringing stylish lighting into interiors and rooms. Constantly changing its styles and taking in a wide variety of influences, both... Read more
  • Create a New Interior Look With Decorative Designs

    Bringing a new look to the room doesn't always have to mean extensive redesign or changing things around. Sometimes the simple addition of a carefully chosen piece can significantly alter the mood and feel of a space. Effective use of colour and the mixing-up of contrasting materials is a great... Read more
  • Get Busy in the Kitchen with Superb Baking Accessories

    It's said that the aroma of freshly baked goods is a great way of bringing out a distinctly homely and comfortable feel to rooms. Often cited by agents looking to sell or lease a home as a way to attract a positive reaction from potential customers, a redolent wave of... Read more
  • Great Ways to Make Washing Up Easier

    Doing the washing up is one of those essential household chores we all have to put up with. Like it or not- and it's usually a 'not'- at the end of a meal there will be dirty dishes to take care of. Thankfully, even without a dishwasher, there are all... Read more
  • Fun and Colourful Bedding by Snurk

    It's not always easy to send the kids off to bed. But it's certainly easier when they have playfully designed and comfortably created bedding to look forward to. The Amsterdam based company Snurk's latest designs offer a wide range of beautifully tailored ideas to help capture the imagination and provide... Read more

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