• Beautiful Gift Ideas With Ava and I

    Many of our minds are on Christmas and the holidays right now. While the shopping and planning for seasonal celebrations continues, there are always other prestigious events in the calendar as well to consider. A lovely new collection from the label Ava & I have put our thoughts to wedding... Read more
  • Stylish Last Minute Gifts for the Professional

    Even though we're nearly at the heart of the Christmas season with less than 2 weeks to go, there's still just enough time to buy some last minute gifts. And right now, we thought it's be a great idea to consider gift options for busy professional who may be a... Read more
  • Last Chance To Decorate Your Tree

        It's always best to decorate late rather than not at all, as they say, "it's better late than never" so why not take a look at our beautiful Christmas tree decorations and make your tree shine. This Year it's your Choice whether you go Classy or Flashy Sirius gives a... Read more
  • Tips for Setting the Table in Style

    The holiday season is almost here. Many households will be organising meals for the days ahead, and in some circumstances they will be more extensive than usual. With friends and relatives visiting, there could be extra places needed at the table.  But there's still time to plan a stylish and... Read more
  • Let Umbra Take You on a Journey of Contemporary Art and Style

    Here at Homecolours we love the stylish blend of contemporary artfulness and easy to use homeliness of Umbra's wonderful design sense. Ever since 1979, the Canadian company has brought smart homeware and easy to use functional design into the home. Set up by Paul Rowan and Les Mandelbaum in order... Read more
  • Seletti - A History of Style and Focus

    With a clear eyed view of how to inspire with creative and artistic designs across homeware furnishings and lighting products, the Italian company Seletti is a byword for original and unique style. The company was founded in 1964, and has ever since brought an engaging and fun take on design... Read more
  • Spruce Up Your Cooking With Indoor Plants and Herbs

    Getting creative in the kitchen is always more fun when you feel confident about the quality of the ingredients you're using. And when you've grown some of the ingredients yourself, hopefully you'll be in no doubt about how good they are! Growing plants and herbs in the home is a... Read more
  • Get Creative With Warm Colours This Winter

    When the cold winter weather really starts to bite, aside from turning the central heating up, there are plenty of other ways to bring an extra level of warmth to the home. Here at Homecolours we believe it's always a good idea to pay attention to the colours used in... Read more
  • The Best of November

    As it comes towards the end of autumn and the start of winter, there are some accessories for your home that I think will be the perfect addition for the approaching winter months. From storage to bedding I have shown below some of my favourite pieces for this month. All... Read more
  • How to Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone

    As we approach the end of November, we're fully into the preparations for the holidays! There's always a lot to do to get everything ready. Aside from having everything in order with the food and the drink for meal times, there's also the question of the Christmas present list.  What... Read more

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