• Stylish Designs for Entertaining at Home

    Entertaining at home is always made more fun when you feel comfortable, relaxed and have lots of things to talk about. Over drinks and snacks, the occasion is often made even more memorable when you have dining room products that you really trust and care about. Here at Homecolours we're firm... Read more
  • A Stylish World of Stationery for Every Occasion

    No matter how much smart technology there is around, there'll always be a place for stylish stationery. Convenient, practical and reassuring, a notebook and pen is often the answer to organising day to day thoughts and lists. These small items sometime act as a pointer to a design house's personality... Read more
  • How to Use Designer Wallpaper to Liven up a Living Space

    Colour holds the key to livening up a living space. Part of the art of making a space feel more like a home is to add an individual taste and style. Colour and artistry are integral to this brightening up of a room. Here at Homecolours we're always looking for... Read more
  • How to Enjoy the Perfect Barbecue

    There's nothing quite like a garden barbecue when the summer sun is out and about. The perfect occasion for outdoor dining for friends and family, the BBQ is a great way to try out exciting and tasty food and drink in the comfort of the home environment. Here at Homecolours... Read more
  • Helpful Tips for Brightening Up the Bedroom

    The bedroom is the number one room in the home where you need to feel completely relaxed and cozy. It is a space that ideally acts as a peaceful space to be calm and sleep. Lighting has a fundamental effect on how we feel as we go about our lives... Read more
  • New Homeware from Orla Kiely - Colour, Style and Elegance

    Ideally, the home is all about comfort. Comfort takes many forms, from the materials and textures used in a product, to the colours and pattern work. Anything designed to make the resident feel cozy, at ease and, well, at home are what we like to see. Some new designs from... Read more

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